A blocked sewer or overflowing drain can happen when there is a blockage somewhere in the drain. Another reason for the blockage is the drain collapsing entirely. Over the years, we have seen all kinds of issues resulting in a blocked drain. For instance, tree roots entering pipes, sanitary pads, paper towels and thick toilet paper can all cause a problem for drains. If you are experiencing an issue with your drains. We have the expertise and latest tools to diagnose your issue, suggest a solution and efficiently repair the problem. Using our specialised tools including high pressure water jetter and drain video cameras, we can get deep into your plumbing system to diagnose what may be causing your blockage.

Causes & Symptoms

Blocked drains are generally caused by any one of the following factors:

· Tree roots

· Faulty joints or broken pipes caused by movement of the surrounding ground or building

· Objects which have entered the drain e.g. children’s toys, sanitary napkins/tampons, disposable nappies.


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